Sika Liquid Plastics

Infiniti Roofing’s focus on top quality can be seen in the kinds of products we use.

The Sika Liquid Plastics has been developed to provide a cost effective solution for waterproofing ageing roofs.

Subject to the condition of the roof, the Sikalastic® membrane can be applied to the existing waterproofing, which can mean no stripping off of the old material. This gives a double saving both via time saved on site and the cost of disposing of the existing waterproofing, normally to landfill.

Guaranteed Performance

10, 15 and 20 year systems are available and are backed by a material guarantee provided by Sika Liquid Plastics. The products have also been tested in accordance with European Technical Approval (ETA).


That’s not just the Sika Liquid Products - Girosil have also made a name for themselves with their high-quality products. We use their Girosil Roofcoat profiled metal sheet refurbishment

Profiled Metal Sheet Refurbishment

Providing total protection from the extremes and extending the life of your commercial roofing, profiled metal corrosion resistance has never been easier. Removing the need for costly, early replacement, this industry-leading system is fast and easy to apply.

If corrosion resistance, flexibility and total weatherproofing are at the top of your list, together with saving time, money and hassle, GIROSIL® ROOFCOAT RC is your product.

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